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40+ Workers - This One is For You!  

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40+ WORKERS - This is for you!

By Rene Carew, Career Coach & Consultant

Top Three Mistakes to Avoid       Resources

40+ workers are like a great bottle of wine -- they get better with time. Like a full-bodied merlot, seasoned workers might be a bit more complex than their younger versions, but their experiences pair up nicely with organizations that are looking for a blend in their workforces.

You might hear "40+ workers" (over 40s) saying, "Workplace expectations have sure changed.  I expected to be employed by the same company for life and to use the basic skills and knowledge I received through my education and early job training.   Now organizations want me to keep up with all the changes in my field as well as technology, to maintain a results oriented approach; and, I may still be among the first to go in a downturn because I make too much money!"

40+ workers find themselves operating under new expectations and in search of new employment more often than they ever thought they would. Organizations are looking for workers who:

                             can easily adapt to change
                             have current skills
                             are technologically savvy

What are the top three mistakes 40+ workers make when they job search? 

l.          Rely on sending resumes in response to ads or leads  vs. making a personal contact.   You will find out more information through a conversation as well as making a connection  

2.        Let too much time pass before they start the job search - start right away and keep your momentum up using tips above. 

3.        Pull out that old resume and give it a once over - it's chronological and has every job you have ever held on it!    No, No, No - start over with functional resume - only those qualifications that map to the job  at hand!  


Web Sites: - for those that want real change in their lives and to find their passion  -   for more resources for over 40's
     -   resumes and cover letters


Exec-U-Net, Inc. - - career advancement networking organization for executives and senior professions (over $75,000)
Forty Plus - - job search programs, networking
Career Services for AARP members


The following can be found in your local library and are available for purchase at

Power Interviews - Job-Winning Tactics from Fortune 500 Recruiters
, by Neil Yeager and Lee Hough, John Wiley and Sons  

It's Only Too Late If You Don't Start Now:  How to create your Second Life at Any Age by Barbara Sher - see 

The Career Doctor - Preventing, diagnosing, and curing fifty ailments that Can Threaten Your Career, by Neil Yeager, John Wiley and Sons 

The Artist's Way At Work, Riding the Dragon - Twelve Weeks to Creative Freedom, Mark Bryan with Julia Cameron and Catherine Allen, William Morrow and Company

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